Brian Dewbury

Brian Dewbury

Brian Dewbury has been a potter for 50 years and has his studio in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire. He has had a distinguished teaching career in this country and his work has also taken him to the USA and Africa. His first visit to North America resulted in an exhibition that was a complete sell-out, and he has taught and exhibited there on several occasions since. Broadly travelled, he has been influenced by visits to many other parts of the world, particularly Australia and West Africa, and in the process has developed an eclectic

The forms that Brian makes are very varied, ranging from small delicate shapes in porcelain to more robust stoneware bottles, jugs, vases and bowls. His versatility extends to ceramic sculpture, with recent commissions going to British Telecom of large pierced abstract objects displaying a harmony of form and space.

Although not bound by any particular tradition, he nonetheless benefited from the teaching of David Leach during his student days at

Brian often draws inspiration from the sea and landscape where images are often conjured from wood ash glazes. His finely thrown wheel work is mainly functional, clothed with a rich variety of glazed tactile element. Form, colour and pattern are displayed with a fastidious attention to detail that exemplifies Brian’s positive approach to his work.

His enthusiasm for glaze research led him to gain an M.Phil. at Brunel University, where he later became Head of Ceramics. During his time he experimented with a vast range of different glazes, managing to combine a ceramic career at both teaching and personal

Brian’s work is in royal and private collections and has been shown in many galleries in different parts of the world. Commissions have gone to New York, Spain, Japan and Italy. He has held two major exhibitions at the Mall Galleries, London, and exhibited in Tokyo in April 2005.
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